Leonhard Euler Biography - A Mathematician And Physicist

Euler was born in 1707 in Basel, Switzerland. He was accepted into the University of Basel in 1720 when he was only thirteen years old reached. At first he studied theology, but soon moved to math. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Basel at the age of seventeen years and when he was only twenty years old he received an invitation from Catherine I of Russia to join the Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg. At the age of twenty-three years he became a professor of physics in there and when she was twenty-six years he was chairman of the mathematics replace korsi that were formerly occupied by a famous mathematician Daniel Bernoulli. Two years later lost his eye sight next door, but he continued working at full capacity, producing brilliant articles.

In 1741 Frederick the Great of Prussia persuading Euler to leave Russia and asked to join the Academy of Sciences in Berlin. He lived in Berlin for twenty five years and returned to Russia in 1766. Shortly after that his eyes could not see anymore. Even in the stricken state of this kind, it is not stopping the investigation. Euler has a spectacular ability in mental arithmetic, and until he died (in 1783 at St. Petersburg - now called Leningrad - at the age of seventy-six years), he continued to issue high-grade paper in mathematics. Euler married twice and had thirteen children, eight of whom died young.

All Euler discovery could have been made man even if he had never lived in this world. Although I think, appropriate criteria are used in this problem is to ask the questions: what will happen in the modern world if he had not done anything? In connection with Leonhard Euler answer seems clear: modern science and technology will be far behind, almost inconceivable, in the absence of the Euler formula, formulas, and methods. Index glance glance mathematics and physics textbook will show these explanations Euler angle (hard object motion); stability Euler (infinite series); equilibrium Euler (hydro-dynamics); equilibrium Euler motion (dynamics of hard objects); Euler formula (a complex variable ); summation Euler (boundless barrage), Eurel polygonal curve (differential balance); opinion about diversity Euler function (partial differential balance); transformation Euler (infinite barrage); law Bernoulli-Euler (elastisitis theory); formula Euler- Fourier (trigonometric series); equilibrium Euler-Lagrange (calculus of variations, mechanics), and Euler-Maclaurin formula (summation method) was all about some of the essentials.

The results of mathematical and scientific Euler truly absurd. He wrote 32 books complete, much of which consists of two volumes, several hundred articles about math and science. People say, a collection of scientific writings consist of over 70 volumes! The genius of Euler enrich nearly every aspect of pure mathematics and mathematical ready-made, and its contribution to mathematical physics is almost no limit to use.

Euler specialized experts demonstrate how the general laws of mechanics, which have been formulated in the previous century by Isaac Newton, can be used in certain types of physical situations that occur repeatedly. For example, using Newton's laws of motion in the fluid, the Euler equations can develop hydro-dynamics. Also, through a careful analysis of the possibility of the muscular movement of goods, and with the use of the principles of Newton. And Euler enabled to develop a number of opinions that completely determine the motion of stout stuff. In practice, of course, the object of objects is not always necessarily muscular. Therefore, Euler also made important contributions on the theory of elasticity describes how a solid can change shape through the use of external power.
Euler also used his talents in the mathematical analysis of problems of astronomy, specifically concerned about the "three-body" which deals with the issue of how the sun, earth and moon move under gravity they each are the same. This problem - a problem that so thinking for the 21st century - has not been fully resolved. Incidentally, only Euler leading scientists of the 18th century who (correctly, as later proved) to support the wave theory of light.

Euler ideas that poured endlessly is often the starting point for generating mathematical discoveries that can make someone famous. For example, Joseph Louis Lagrange, the French mathematical physicist, succeeded in formulating a series of formulas ("Lagrange formula") which has an important theoretical significance and can be used to solve various problems of mechanics. Basically the formula discovered by Euler, as it is often called the Euler-Lagrange formula. Another French mathematician Jean Baptiste Fourier, is generally credited with the invention of mathematical techniques, known by the nickname Fourier analysis. Here, too, the first basic formula discovered by Leonhard Euler, and known as the Euler-Fourier formulas. They found wide use and wide range of physics, including acoustics and electromagnetic theory.

In matters of mathematics, Euler particularly interested in the field of calculus, differential formula, and the infinity of the number. His contributions in this field, although very important, too technical here presented. His contributions in the field of calculus of variations and the theory of complexity number is the basis of all subsequent developments in this field. The two topics that have a broad range of work in the field of the use of scientific practice, in addition to the importance in the field of pure mathematics.

Euler formula,, shows the relationship between the trigonometric functions and the imaginary number, and can be found the logarithm of a negative number. This is one of the most widely used formula in all areas of mathematics. Euler also wrote a textbook on analytical geometry and made important contributions in the field of differential geometry and normal.

Although Euler had a great ability for mathematical discoveries that enable it to do scientific practices, he almost had equal advantages in the field of pure mathematics. Unfortunately, so many contributions in the field of number theory, but not so much that can be presented here. Euler also those beginners who work in topology, a branch of mathematics that have important meaning in the 20th century.

Finally, Euler made important contributions made mathematical symbol system of the present number. For example, he was responsible for general use Greek letters to describe the ratio between the circumference of a circle to its diameter. He also introduced many systems are now signs that fit commonly used in mathematics.

Ref : http://media.isnet.org/iptek/100/Euler.html

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Iwan Fals Biography - Asian Heroes Music

Iwan Fals Biography
Iwan Fals Biography - Asian Heroes Music
Iwan Fals whose full Virgiawan Listanto (born 3 September 1961 in Jakarta) is an homage to the ballad singer who became a living legend in Indonesia. Through his songs, Iwan describes the social atmosphere of the life of Indonesia (especially Jakarta) in the late 1970's to the present. The criticism of the behavior of a group of people (such as songs Representatives and Aunt Lisa), empathy for marginalized groups (eg track and Lonteku Spot Opposite the Palace), or the catastrophe that hit Indonesia (or sometimes outside Indonesia, such as songs Ethiopia) dominate theme songs that brings.

Through his songs, he photographed and socio-cultural life in the late 1970's to the present. The criticism of the behavior of a group of people (such as Representatives, Aunt Lisa), empathy for marginalized groups (such as Spot Opposite the palace, Lonteku), or a major disaster that hit Indonesia (or sometimes outside Indonesia, such as Ethiopia) dominate theme songs its merit. Iwan fals did not just sing his songs but also a number of other creators.

Iwan who also was active in sports, have earned a National Karate Champion II, IV Karate National Champion 1989, had entered the national training and practice karate on campus, STP (High School Publication). Iwan also became a tabloid columnist in several sports.

Iwan charisma of a very large FALS. He is highly revered by the 'grassroots'. Simplicity being a role model fans scattered throughout the archipelago. The fans Iwan FALS even established a foundation on August 16, 1999 called the Foundation for People Indonesia, commonly known by the call Oi. The Foundation embodies activities fans Iwan Fals. Until now branch offices can be found all over the Oi archipelago and some even to foreign countries.

Journey of Life-Early Life Iwan Fals

Iwan FALS childhood was spent in London, and then joined his brother in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for the past 8 months. Honed his musical talents when he was 13 years old, in which Iwan spent much time with singing in Bandung. Playing guitar since I was young did he even singing bergitar ability to train and create songs. While in junior high, glittering guitarist Iwan school choir.

Next, came an invitation to try his fortune in Jakarta from a producer. He then sold his motorcycle to the cost of creating the master. Iwan's first album recorded with his colleagues, Toto Gunarto, Helmi, Bambang Bule incorporated in Ambush. But the album failed in the market and Iwan went back to my profession as a musician.

Once can champion in country music festival, Iwan joined the song festivals humor. Spirits Setiawan (deceased), humorous songs belong Iwan was recorded with Pepeng, Krishna, Nana manuscript and produced by ABC Records. But it also failed and only consumed by certain circles. Until finally, a trip Iwan work with Musica Studio. Prior to Musica, Iwan has been recorded about 4-5 albums. In Musica, Iwan songs then worked more seriously. Bachelor album, for example, the music was handled by Willy Soemantri.

Iwan remained his profession as a musician. He was singing by visiting house to house, sometimes in the Market Surprised or Block M. Bachelor album was a lot of interest and Iwan started getting many offers to sing. Then got into television after 1987. Time arbitrary event broadcast on TVRI broadcast Commerce, Bakri Oemar song was aired on TVRI. When the second son Iwan, Ancestor born in 1985, was immediately stopped singing activities.

During the New Order, many concert schedule Iwan banned and canceled by the government, because the lyrics of the song are critical.

On joining the group and released an album titled SWAMI SWAMI in 1989, the name Iwan soared, scoring hits Bento and Unloading phenomenal. FALS Iwan's career continued to rise when he joined the Cantata Takwa in 1990, supported fully by businessmen Setiawan Djodi. Cantata concerts Takwa then until now regarded as the biggest music concerts and grandest in the history of Indonesian music.

Iwan Fals
Iwan Fals Biography
Iwan was born in Jakarta on 3 September 1961 from the couple Haryoso (father) (deceased) and Lies (mother). Iwan married Rosanna (Ma'am Josh) and had children Anarchy Signs Galang (deceased), Annie Ancestor Basae signs, and signs Robbani Rayya.

Galang follow his father involved in the field of music. However, the music that he is playing is different from trade mark which has become a father. Galang later became guitarist of interest and had released one album before his death.

Name Galang also made one song Iwan, titled Anarchy Signs Galang Opinion on the album, which tells about the anxiety parents face rising commodity prices as the impact of rising fuel prices in early 1981 on the day of birth Galang (January 1, 1981).

The root name as the second daughter was also immortalized as the title of the album and the title track Iwan Fals published in 1991.

Anarchy Signs Galang died in April 1997 of a sudden that makes musical activities Iwan FALS had a vacuum for a few years. Galang was buried in the yard Iwan Fals on Leuwinanggung Bogor West Java village about an hour's drive from Jakarta. After the death of Galang, Iwan often busied himself with painting and practicing martial arts.

In 2002 Iwan became active again after all this time to make the album alone with the advent of Conscience album in which there is a song that tells Face Only death Anarchy Signs Galang. In this song the wife Iwan fals (Josh) also contributed his voice.

Iwan charisma of a very large FALS. Simplicity being a role model fans scattered throughout the archipelago. The fans Iwan FALS even established a foundation on August 16, 1999, called The Foundation for Indonesia or commonly known as Oi. The Foundation embodies activities fans Iwan Fals.

Ref : http://iwan-fals.blogspot.com/2007/04/biografi-singkat-iwan-fals.html

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