Kevin Mitnick Biography - Legendary Hacker

Kevin Mitnick Biography
Kevin Mitnick is a young man born in America, August 1963, this young man commonly known as the legendary hacker. ( This Is claim token Technorati 2VT7Q82PT59K) Kevin families are not being so familiar with computers and gain competence in the store RadioShack and the public library where he used to spend time. But the story of Kevin Mitnick was not the beginning of a good story, at the age of 17 years Kevin has begun to feel the cold iron bars due to hacking the computer COSMOS (Computer System mainstrem Operation) owned by Pacific Bell telephone company in Los Angeles, which is the central database of American phone .

The Condor imprisoned not make this [ID used Kevin Mitnick] deterrent. Then in 1983 he was accused of breaking into the security system via terminal ARPANet PENTAGON using the USC campus, and again condor must feel the cold prison walls.

Once free, kevin looking for another life and disappear from the world of hackers. But it did not last long, because in 1987 he once again had to deal with the authorities. He accused the company infiltrated Santa Cruz Organization, the software company engaged in the unix operating system.
In this case, the condor was convicted of unfavorable action and returned to jail for 3 years. After his release, Mitnick repeated habits and dealing with the authorities due to commit burglary and possession of software piracy that Digital Equipment Corporation's VMS Operating System.

In this case Mitnick did not do it himself, he was "duet" with his friend Lenny Cicicco and was sentenced to prison for one year and received the title of lawyer 'addicted to the computer that can not be stopped'.
After his release, Mitnick tried again mejalani normal life and work at one company mailing list in Las Vegas. But while working at the company, the FBI suspected Mitnick ruffled Tel Tec Detective computer system, which is a company where Mitnick work. And finally made the Condor back to The Most Wanted Hacker or number 1 FBI fugitive.

Mitnick had a nomadic life, moving from one city to another, and for being fugitives Mitnick broke into several companies such as Fujitsu, Motorola, Nokia, and Sun Microsystems. In February 1995 Mitnick move stalled by the FBI, all of it due to the FBI's efforts and the help of a hacker who is also a victim of the Condor, which is Tsutomu Shimomura.

Mitnick was caught due to negligence of the storage service account using someone who dibobolnya and services inform the account holder that the account is over quota. Before the arrest, Mitnick was tracking behind the people who were chasing him, but at the same time the FBI a "guest" in the house uninvited fugitive Mitnick.

In addition to FBI Most Wanted, Mitnick was also given the title by The Discovery title of "Hall of Fame of Hackers", because besides being a Software Hacker he is also known as the Hardware Hacker. And also Social Engineering Mitnick has great ability, so he managed to fool his victims. Mitnick 4 years in prison, without the rule of law, without submission to the court, but suddenly in 2000 Mitnick free on parole, the computer holds barred entry.
Kevin Mitnick

After 2 years of liberation Mitnick, then he is allowed to use a computer but no internet connection. And a year later after it is in 2003 then allowed to use the internet access for the first time since his imprisonment.
Currently Mitnick had a normal life, he published a book about security and the book was instantly successful release. He also founded the security consulting firm site.

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