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Biografi Grigori Rasputin
Born with the full name of Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin, commonly known as Grigori Rasputin, he was born on January 10, 1869 at Pokrovskoye, precisely in a small village in the Tura River, Siberia. Much debate has occurred about the date of his birth, but there is a document stating that Rasputin was born on January 22, 1869. He was Born of a peasant family, he has two siblings named Mary, and brother named Dimitri. Mary had died by drowning in the river, he suffered from epilepsy. One day, Rasputin was playing with her ​​brother Dimitri near the pond. Arrived - arrived sister falls into the pool, Rasputin tried to save him, but he could not. They both eventually rescued by a man who happened to pass. Rasputin survived, but his brother did not survive due to pneumonia.

Known as the legend of Rasputin Russia in the final period Romanov dynasty. Rasputin played an important role in the future Tsar Nicholas II, his wife Tsarina Alexandra, and the only son Tsarevich Alexei, suffered from hemophilia. Rasputin is often referred to as Mad Monks, although he was never a monk and never keep his marriage. He suspected a starets (старец), or religious, and it is believed to cure physical and mental illness. He can be regarded as one of the controversial figures in the history of the 20th century, although Rasputin is now regarded by historians merely as a scapegoat. He played a small but important role in the fall of the Romanov dynasty that finally brought the Bolshevik victory and the establishment of the Soviet Union.

Biografi Grigori Rasputin
Initially the surrounding community began to feel the magic in yourself Rasputin. One proof is when Rasputin's father, Efim Rasputin lost one horse. Rasputin said to be able to know the actors who stole his horse by using the power of his mind. When he was 18, he spent his time in the monastery Verkhoturye. In this monastery he had a spiritual experience that makes the higher ability. He later became a religious man and a wandering life. One day, someone slandered. Rasputin is said to have led a cult. Rasputin was later tried but some time later, he was released because there was no evidence. Shortly thereafter, Rasputin met a holy man named Makariy. There is no definitive information as to what was done by Rasputin with Makariy, some people think he was apprenticed to Makariy.

Rasputin married to a woman named Prasovia Dubrovina Fyodorovna in 1889. He maemiliki 3 children, namely Dmitri, Varvara and Maria. Name two children with the name of the deceased brother. Rasputin was also rumored to have a child with another woman. In 1901, he left his home and began to wander. During his journey, he has gone through Greece and Jerusalem. In 1903, he arrived at St. Petersburg where it was here that his reputation as a holy man and powerful known by people around.

Biografi Grigori Rasputin

One day, Rasputin heard that there was a gentleman who had suffered because of his illness. Russian nobleman named Tsarevich Alexei. Actually, Alexei suffered from hemophilia, an inherited disease of the Queen Victoria, her great grandmother Alexei. In those days, this disease is a dangerous disease and hemophilia public not familiar with the term. When doctors no longer able to save him, Alexei friend named Anna Vyrubova Rasputin assistance to help him. Anna believed that Rasputin had the power to heal a person through prayer - prayer. And when Rasputin handle, Alexei state gradually - gradually improved. Doctors who sentenced Alexei would not survive be confused by it.

Some skeptics believe that Rasputin did hypnosis on Alexei. In one study, hypnosis is proven to reduce the symptoms of hemophilia because it reduces stress, but I did not find the study course. Some people argue, that Rasputin used leeches as a cure. But leeches are known to have anticoagulant agents such as hirudin, so that treatment with this method even worsen the disease Alexei. This theory was finally toppled by itself. Many believe that Rasputin gave suggestions - positive suggestions to the child, so the condition getting better. Because here's services and capabilities, Rasputin had a strong influence on the Russian royal family, especially the king of Tsar Nicholas II.

Rasputin became someone with controversy. He was involved in various political activities in Russia. He was accused by many parties, crimes, politics, until accused of raping a nun. The local church is not to accept their presence, and some have accused Rasputin had practiced black magic. However, it did not affect his position as one of the key officials in the kingdom. Rasputin is very opposed to the war. During World War I, Rasputin returned patrotik accused of spreading influence in the kingdom. Someone claiming to be from Germany said that the German government has employed Rasputin as eyes - the eyes of Germany, but this is not proven.

Biografi Grigori Rasputin
One day, Rasputin interested to bless the troops will go into battle. However, the supreme commander named Grand Duke Nicholas did not like the presence of Rasputin. He promised to hang Rasputin if he dared to show up. When Tsar Nicholas II went to the battle field, the influence of Rasputin Romanov (the term for the Russian empire at the time) has increased. Rasputin Romanov becomes belief, and menadi mentors. He also filled some government offices with candidates own choice.

To expand its influence, Rasputin and then hang out with a woman - an upscale women on the pretext of giving aid to those plitik. Because of the chaotic war and government, Russia hit by financial problems. The community blames the government and interference Rasputin. Many people who do not like the presence of Rasputin. Russian society found Rasputin has affected people - people in the kingdom, so he gets an important position. Perhaps because of this addition, many people who want to kill Rasputin. On the internet, you will find information that Rasputin including those that are difficult to kill. It said he had been poisoned, shot, beaten, thrown into the river to cool until he met his death. However, is it true that Rasputin died? Initially, I had to believe this story, until I find important information about the cause of death of Rasputin.

Legend of Rasputin's death may be more mysterious than life. According to the King in 1996 Greg's book, entitled The Man Who Killed Rasputin said that the first assassination attempt on Rasputin performed June 29, 1914 when Rasputin visiting his wife and children in Pokrovskoye. When out of the church, he was attacked by Khionia Guseva, a former prostitute who later became a disciple of the monk Lliodor. He pierced belly Rasputin to his guts out (sorry, ed.). Guseva hated Rasputin because it has affected the entire kingdom. After surgery, Rasputin recovered quickly. His daughter did not believe that his father can recover quickly. On December 16, 1916, a group of nobles led by Prince Felix Yusupov, Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich and politician Vladimir Purishkevich planned the murder of Rasputin.

The nobles then pretending - pretending invited Rasputin to the Yusupov Palace. Rasputin was then taken to the basement and were treated to cake and red wine. The food has been given a high dose of cyanide. According to legend, Rasputin was not affected by the poison in the cake and the wine, although it is enough poison to kill five people at once. According to the info I can, in fact Rasputin never eat cake and drink wine, because after the attack by Guseva he suffered from hyperacidity which result he should avoid sugar. So this theory, denying that Rasputin immune to poison. In 1993, an autopsy conducted by Dr. Vladimir Zharov and Professor Derrick Pounder in 2005 did not indicate the presence of cyanide in the stomach Rasputin.

Return according to legend, Yusupov back to try to kill Rasputin, this time he shot Rasputin from behind with a pistol. Yusupov then ensure that Rasputin was killed this time, but then - got up and immediately strangled Rasputin Yusupov. Soon, men Yusupov shot Rasputin came and back three times. In critical circumstances, Rasputin tried to get up and run away. However, he was again beaten back by gang Yusupov. Miraculously, Rasputin had not died and risen tried separately. Rasputin Yusupov conspirators then bind and wrap it with carpet, then membuangya into the cold river Neva. Three days later, Rasputin's body was found and removed from the river Neva for autopsy. An autopsy showed that Rasputin died tengelam. In the lungs - lungs found plenty of water. When his body was found, his arm pointing upwards, as if - as if he was trying to find a way out of the river.

Biografi Grigori Rasputin
Follow-up investigation conducted in 2005 showed different results. Investigators can not be certain that the cause of death was due to drowning Rasputin. The discovery of water in the lungs - lungs are common. It could be, Rasputin had died from being shot and beaten before being dumped into the river. When he plunged into the river, water can enter the lungs - lungs, and about the position of his hands facing upwards, could be due to the effects of cold river water that makes muscles rigid

Recent investigations have also found that the bullet lodged in the body of Rasputin different caliber sizes. Professor Derrick said, of the four bullets lodged in his body, one of them right through the head Rasputin. How did people survive the shot right on the head, the most vital part of the human body? Former persecution is also found in the body of Rasputin. Professor Derrick says that Rasputin was being beaten by a gang Yusupov. The bullet lodged in the body of Rasputin manifold Webley 0:45 inches, another bullet unfortunately not described in detail. With this discovery, further confirmed that the cause of death is not drowning Rasputin.

In fact, his explanation of the cause of death and the alleged conspiracy behind the death of Rasputin is still long, but that article is not boring, so I just took the course outline. after the invention of Professor Derrick, the Russians seem to have re-examines the history of this legendary figure. Regarding family Rasputin, his daughter Mary moved to France. Shortly thereafter, he moved to America and worked as a dancer and circus tiger trainer until his death in 1977. He had left the mains memories about his father, which is a painting depicting the figure of his father. He believes that his father was a saint who became victims of people - those who envy him. Rasputin the other family members, are not known to exist.



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