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Mark Elliot Zuckerberg was born in the area called Dobbs Ferry, Westchester County, the city of New York.Anak of Edward and Karen Zuckerberg. He was the second of four children of parents dentist couple - psychiatrist. Since childhood, Zuckerberg likes tinkering with computers, computer programs and trying to learn him. His father bought him a computer since he was eight years old. While in high school Phillips Exeter Academy, he and his partner, D'Angelo, create plug-ins for Winamp MP3 player. Plug-in is a computer program that can interact with the host application such as a web browser or email for a particular purpose.

Zuckerberg and D'Angelo makes a plug-in to gather preferences of people towards various types of songs and then make his playlist suit their tastes. They sent it to the program to a variety of companies including AOL (American Online) and Microsoft. In his last year at Phillips he was recruited by Microsoft and AOL for a project.

When the school went to college they should be separated. D'Angelo entered Caltech while Zuckerberg entered Harvard. In this Harvard Zuckerberg found the idea of ​​making books online student directory because the university did not share the face book (a book containing photographs and student in the university's student ID) at the new student as a forum of friendship between them. But every time he volunteered to make the directory, Harvard refused. "They said they have reason not to collect information (student)," said Zuckerberg then.

Although he rejected always looking for ways to make it happen. "I wanted to show that it can be done," he continued stubborn about making the directory.
His first project was CourseMatch ( that allows classmates to communicate with each other on the website. One night in his second year at Harvard, Harvard student Zuckerberg sabotage of data and put it into a website he created called Facemash. Some photos fellow student posted there. Not to forget he put a sentence that asks patrons to determine which of these pictures are the most "hot". Pancingannya hit. Within four hours since he launched the webiste it recorded 450 people visited by 22,000 photos Facemash and they're open. Harvard parties know it and the internet connection was disconnected. Sued Zuckerberg for stealing data. This curly-haired young man also apologized to colleagues whose pictures go on Facemash. But he did not regret it Tinda. "I think such information should be available (online)," he said.

Rather than give up he instead create a new website by the name of Facebook ( This website he launched in February 2004. Facebook is a refinement of Facemash. The goal remains as a meeting fellow Harvard students. In the explanation on its website today mentioned that Facebook is a social tool to help people communicate more efficiently with colleagues, family, or coworkers. Facebook offers easy navigation for its users. Each account holder has space to display photos, friends, network, and do other things like being able to send messages and so forth.

The number of applications that can be used by the members making up loved by many people. It is said that up to now has over 20,000 apps included in Facebook that can be used by members. At least 140 new applications added to Facebook every day and 95% owner of Facebook accounts have used at least one application.

Inclusion of many of these applications makes Facebook different from previous social networking websites such as MySpace. Then people flocked to the website and sign up to be members. Within two weeks after launch, half of Harvard students already have an account on Facebook. Harvard student was not only interested, several campuses around Harvard had asked be included in the network Facebook. It makes Zuckerberg overwhelmed. He then requested the help of two friends to participate in the development of Facebook. Within four months Facebook has been able to encompass 30 campuses. By the end of 2004 the number of Facebook users has reached one million.

Facebook users continues to increase. In fact there are some people who are no longer a student or are still in school wants to join. The high pressure makes Zuckerberg and his friends decided Facebook open network for high school students (here SMU) in September 2005. Soon they also open networking office workers. This incredible busyness makes Zuckerberg had decided to leave Harvard. "What I want is already in hand. I do not want to have a diploma later work. According to me, the job is only for people who are weak," he told the magazine Current.
Zuckerberg and his friends then Facebook develops further. In September 2006 Facebook opened registration to the general network condition have email. Since then the number of Facebook members bolted.

Currently, the number reached 70 million active members worldwide. Dihimpunnya networks reach six million networks (groups of friends) covers 55,000 networks based on demographics, employment, school, collegial, and so on. Every day there are 14 million photos are uploaded (put up). And in terms of the amount of traffic accessed Facebook become the sixth most active website in the world and become the second largest social networking website camScore version.

So Rich Selling Shares

The number of Facebook members that millions of people into a lucrative gold mine. Zuckerberg and his friends had caught a great business opportunity. Therefore, when the number of users exceeded one million they took Accel Partners, a venture capital firm, to finance its development. Invested capital is U.S. $ 12.7 million. This is the second investment into Facebook after the previous (June 2004) and of the founders of PayPal gain of U.S. $ 500,000. Settling first with additional capital that is to replace his domain from www. Thefacebook. corn being in August 2005. After that, coverage was expanded to an international membership. As of December 2005 the number of members has reached 5.5 million.

Although the number of users have increased sharply in 2005 mentioned Facebook suffered losses of up to U.S. $ 3.63 million. Facebook then get a funding of U.S. $ 25 million from Greylock Partners and Meritech Capital Partners. The funds were used to launch its mobile version.

In September 2007 Microsoft approaches and offered to buy 5% stake worth about U.S. $ 300 million to U.S. $ 500 million. If it is approved then the value of Facebook capitalization reached U.S. $ 6 billion to U.S. $ 10 billion, or around Rp 54 trillion to Rp 90 trillion. However, Microsoft has finally announced just bought a 1.6% stake in Facebook with a value of U.S. $ 240 million in October 2007. This transaction demonstrates the value of Facebook was higher capitalization of around U.S. $ 15 billion (approximately U.S. $ 135 billion).

After that the number of offers surround Facebook. Li Ka-shing touted join menginvestasinya approximately U.S. $ 60 million in November 2007. Then there is the news that says Viacom, Yahoo, Google, etc. also make a bid to buy Facebook. So far Zackerberg said Facebook is not for sale.
Facebook makes business boom Zackerberg menampuk tremendous wealth. Forbes magazine says Zackerberg own wealth reached U.S. $ 1.5 billion, or around Rp 13.5 trillion. Let alone for Zackerberg age children, for adults as much as it would any treasure unusually large amount. So naturally, if the magazine was crowned as 'The Youngest Self-made' billionaire on the planet.
Achievements Zackerberg not really smooth. A number case he got in connection with Facebook. Including from colleagues at Harvard that mention Facebook design is actually a clone of ConnectU. However Zackerberg budge that Facebook is the result of his work. Although ConnectU lost the first trial, the company registered a new lawsuit in March 2008.

The controversy also came from countries like Myanmar, Bhutan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran and so on which mentions that Facebook promotes attacks on government authority so that access to Facebook in the country were closed.

Amid some controversy, the name of Facebook and Mark Zackerberg still loved by many people. Zackerberg himself in the middle of his name popularity and the amount of wealth he has, he remains modest. He still lives in a rented apartment and his room is only available in a table and chairs. Mattress placed on the floor. Kala came to his office in Palo Alto, Zackerberg often walk or ride a bicycle. There appears to be a millionaire (in U.S. $ dollars, of course) or squillionaires (in rupiah).

Forbes record as the youngest billionaire, on one's own, and not because of inheritance, ever recorded in history. His net worth is estimated to be about one and a half billion U.S. dollars.

Early in 2009 Mark Zuckerberg was awarded the Young Global Leaders.

Seniors Mark Zuckerberg is just 24 years old, but he could produce 1.5 billion U.S. dollars. The success of male founder of Facebook, one of the leading social networking site in the world, it makes it perched in the ranks of the 400 richest people in America Forbes. Not only that, the ranks of those he was also crowned as the rich young man.

Facts - facts about Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg

- Facebook has more than 150 million registrants
- The number of active users of more than 20 million
- Over half registrants Facebook is not the college
- The average user has 100 friends
- More than 3 million users become fans of something
- The number of images in the up-load of more than 800 million monthly
- More than 5 million videos in up-load per month
- Other content (links, stories, blogs, cata
tan, etc.) that the share of more than 20 million monthly
- More than 2 million events created each month
- Facebook has been translated into 15 languages, there are still 60 other languages ​​that are still in the process of translation
- More than 70 percent of Facebook users live outside the U.S.
- Currently, there are over 52 thousand applications ontuk Facebook
- New applications increased 140 per day
- About 95 percent of users are using the application in Facebook

1. Facebook is owned by Mark Zuckerberg, if we read the article Mark Zuckerberg in the Indonesian language completely unknown who he was. If we read an article about Mark Zuckerberg in the English language there is complete data itself the creator of this facebook.

2. Who are the founder and CEO of facebook? She is a student at Harvard University and was a member of Alpha Epsilon Pi. What is Alpha Epsilon Pi? read this article.

3. Alpha Epsilon Pi is a Jewish student associations such as North America, which has the following mission,

Alpha Epsilon Pi, the Jewish Fraternity of North America, was founded to provide opportunities for Jewish men seeking the best possible college and fraternity experience. We have maintained the integrity of our purpose by strengthening our ties to the Jewish community and serving as a link between high school and career. Alpha Epsilon Pi develops leadership for the North American Jewish community at a critical time in a young man's life. Alpha Epsilon Pi's role is to encourage the Jewish student to REMAIN dedicated to Jewish ideals, values, and ethics and to prepare the student to be one of tomorrow's leaders so that he may help himself, his family, his community, and his people.

Its essence is as a cadre and a search for a new leader for his people, the Jews.

4. The fact the article was written four or Israeli attack on Gaza has killed more than 600 Palestinians.

5. Facebook get benefit from ads placed, the more users and visitors facebook Senakin much anyway the producer.

So How do you ....????


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