Samuel F.B Morse Biography - Inventor Of Telegraph And Morse Code

Samuel Finley Breese Morse, that's his full name, was born on 27 April 1791 in Charlestown, a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts. Since the age of four, Morse is excited draw. When he was four years old, he tried to draw his teacher's face. At step 14, he tried to collect pocket money by drawing faces of his friends and the people in the city.

While studying at Yale College, Morse was not good students. His interest in science while attending arise about the latest developments on electricity. However, he felt more comfortable when drawing a miniature portraits. One day, he sent a letter to his parents, about his desire to become a painter.

His father and his mother worried that he can not make ends meet by becoming a painter. So they told him to be a seller of books.

Finally, Morse worked as a bookseller, but at night he's still painting. His parents aware of the love of Morse on the art world. They try and find and collect money to send Morse at an art school in London.

When Samuel Morse was at the Royal Academy in London, his teacher always said, he's always not complete tasks. He has approximately 20 task he completed the picture yet. Morse still make this mistake over and over again until the teacher is often advised.

Finally, he tried to make a model of a statue of Hercules which is made of clay in the classroom. The teacher really liked the statue and told Morse to mengikutkannya in a race. Unmistakable. He also won a gold medal for his work. Confidence is high, making Morse managed to find what works best for him. He began to try again to draw pictures of people in Europe.


In 1818, he married and later had two sons and a daughter. Turns out life is not easy. No one gave him money for his paintings until the results of Morse did not have any money at all. In 1825, his wife died from a heart attack. Morse did not even know what happened to his wife, and when his wife died. He was always sad and makes almost gave up to keep painting.

After that, Morse and several other painters tried to establish the National Academy and he became the first president. He worked as a painter from seven in the morning until midnight. He had chosen as a painter in the round room in the Capitol, USA.

One of four paintings that lined the walls were the result of his work. After that, he was with the children and sister-in-law returned to Europe to continue his career as a painter.

In October 1832, Morse and his family sailed back home from Europe by ship named Sully. At that time, Morse heard conversations about the newly discovered electromagnet research, and later appeared in his mind about the concept of electric telegaf.

He managed to create the first telegraph model in 1835, which operated in the building of New York University, where he taught art. Because of the poor, he made the model of abrasive materials such as old easel stand, homemade batteries, and the old clock to move the paper line and a point will be recorded.


With the help of friends, Morse filed a new patent for the telegraph in 1837, which was given an explanation, including a password that consists of dots and dashes to represent numbers, a dictionary to convert numbers into words, and a set of types sawtooth signal to send. Morse was not satisfied with his artistic career, has given all his time to the telegraph.

Morse died of pneumonia in New York, on 2 April 1872, at the age of 80. He was buried in Greenwood cemetery, Brooklyn. (Various sources) ***

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