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 Kary Banks Mullis was born on December 28, 1944 in Lenoir, North Carolina, United States. He raised his parents, Cecil Banks Mullis and Bernice Alberta Barker, and live near a farm owned by her maternal grandfather. Mullis life little sticky with rural atmosphere filled with hard work. Chemical he achieved a bachelor's degree from Georgia Tech. While a doctorate in biochemistry from the University of receipt, Berkeley, in 1973, after successfully defended his thesis entitled "Schizokinen: Structure and Synthetic Work".

In 1979, Mullis joined the Cetus Corporation in Emeryville Carolina as a researcher after undergoing several medical school internship at the University of Kansas. While working at a place where the idea of ​​building Mullis PCR. Interestingly, a brilliant idea came not when he was struggling in the laboratory, but it appeared at the time he was in a car Honda Civicnya the way from San Francisco to Mendocino approximately 1985. "The thinking and the best ideas I mostly appear when I'm driving," she said. Not in vain, thinking that genius which then deliver Mullis became a Nobel laureate in chemistry in 1993.

The invention of the polymerase chain reaction Mullis This really is one of the pillars of the revolution in molecular genetics. This technique enables new approaches in the study and analysis of the gene. PCR allows scientists to create a series of genetic material that is long enough for a study or research interests.

As you may know, earlier, a major problem in the molecular analysis of the gene is an object of study is quite difficult, considering the number of genes in the body of a living thing. Especially in mammals that have more than one hundred thousand genes. A variety of techniques in molecular genetics aimed to address this issue. These techniques generally require a relatively long time, including cloning and tracking sequence-specific DNA procedure is very difficult and time consuming. PCR has allowed us to obtain specific DNA sequences without cloning.

Mullis method is simple, but very effective. This PCR technique exploiting the nature of DNA replication. The first step, Mullis heating double fibrous DNA samples at temperatures near the boiling point for the two DNA strands of a single fiber. Then he added two short sequence of DNA that is bound to end their respective complementary strands. It marks the place of the desired nucleotide sequence Mullis.

Then, he adds free nucleotides and polymerase enzyme (a protein that can speed up a chemical reaction), and then joined the nucleotide target. In short, PCR-DNA polymerase allows the work can be directed to the synthesis of a specific DNA region. Furthermore Mullis can easily make copies of the desired DNA sequence by performing the process repeatedly. This process allows Mullis to make millions of copies of DNA in just a few hours.

Prior to the Nobel grace, Mullis also received a number of awards, including the Thomas A. Edison Award (1993), California Scientist of the Year Award (1992), the National Biotechnology Award (1991), the Gairdner Award, Toronto, Canada (1991), the R & D Scientist of the Year (1991), the William Allan Memorial Award of the American Society of Human Genetics (1990), and the Preis Biochemische Analytik of the German Society of Clinical Chemistry and Boehringer Mannheim (1990).

In 1986, scientists also have a hobby of surfing is a director of molecular biology at Xytronyx Inc., A plastic manufacturing company in San Diego, California. Then in 1988 he worked as a freelance consultant for several companies, as well as a lecturer biotechnology and development of science at various universities around the world. Mullis had compiled a book called Dancing Naked in the Mind Field, published in 1998.

In the book, Mullis writes with a style full of humor, but serious, about various things. Starting from the scientific method to parapsychology, from the venom of the spider to HIV / AIDS, from global warming to astrology, from the OJ case Simpson to how to restore the flame bulbs in mind

Mullis is currently actively involved in research on the relationship between the virus HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) and AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome). Mullis also diligently read any book, even though the field is not included. He thought he was diligently reading can talk with anyone about everything. For him to be one of the nobel prize recipients have a responsibility and a very tough job it can exist and respect of others. Now, Mullis lives with his wife, Nancy Cosgrove Mullis, Newport Beach, and Anderson Valley, California, USA. ***

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